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Péter Hetey

,,Az olimpiai keret masszőreként megtapasztaltam az egyoldalú sportmozgás hátrányait, ezért változatos, minden testrészt megmozgató programot állítok össze."


“As being part of the Hungarian Olympic team’s masseur I have exprerienced the disadvantages of one-sided sports movement, so I put together a variety of programs that motivate everyone.”

I am Péter Hetey, 49 years old. I was born into a family of athletes, Parents told be I ran earlier than I walked. There was no question what I would be if I got up. I remember at the age of 13 in the gym buzzing in my head “but it would be nice to live in the smell of the gym as an adult!” I think this has now become a dream come true. I finished my athletic career as a tripe jump Hungarian champion. My studies were already based on anatomy at the age of 15, and it persists to this day. Luckily, sports and the connection to sports have accompanied me almost my entire life so far. Before training, I worked as a masseur for 11 nice years. I was able to take part in two Olympics with the athlete, but in the meantime I also worked in an exclusive environment at the Marriott **** and Four Seasons ***** hotels in Budapest.

I have been involved in personal and group sessions since 2010, the composition of which is largely determined by my anatomical knowledge. I could also call this biomechanical knowledge, but it is too scientific a definition. It’s no coincidence that I always say to people who ask what classes I hold – “well, like a PE class!”. Maybe I found the best training 10 years ago. Pavel Tsatsouline’s system snapped me up too! At first I found the kettlebell very scary, but during the training I felt it was very much for me. A terribly professional combination of movement and educational themes is what this system represents.

My goal is to achieve a healthy functioning body in everyday life, in which I help my guests with workouts, massages and purposeful movement therapy.

About my sessions:

In my workouts, kettlebells are the main course line, but they include all the movement movements I have lived so far and all the curriculum I have learned over the last 8 years. The group training is currently called Crossbell. Thanks to the Daily fitness room, I also entertain myself and my guests with a wide range of equipment. True, they can only laugh at this at the end of group session. My group session include not only individual but also paired, multi-station classes. My main idea when it comes to putting together my workouts is to build a body that survives everyday life. It’s not the robust gladiator or the marathon’s amazing endurance that’s my goal, it’s really to do the construction of the golden course.

If the frame as a trunk is thoroughly prepared with mobility and strength, you can come to entertainingly tiring workouts. Then, of course, if someone wants to be an iron-knocked out-of-the-world athlete, I’ll be happy to let him go on a new journey with a well-prepared body. Many ladies are scared to see the weight of black iron, but so far everyone has been pleasantly disappointed in the device. My goal in all cases is to engage the chains of motion, not to strengthen the centric muscles. Because our easiest movement, walking is also a complex, coordinated sequence of movements.

Professional experience:

1999- National first division men’s basketball team

2000- Hungarian champion women’s volleyball team

2001-2010 Hungarian Athletics Association

2004; Masseuse of the Hungarian Olympic team

2010-2011 Hungarian Football Academy


1998: Conditioning masseuse

2002: Basic Kinesio-tape course

2006: Sports taping course

2008: Basic kinesiology taping course

2009: Functional taping course

2010: FMS (functional movement screen) course

2010: RKC coach training

2011: SMR Instructor Course

2012: SFG coach training

2016: Bodybuilding and fitness coaches

2018: Tom Myers-anatomy trains basic training

2018: Injuries sports nutrition training

2021: Professional programming


Email: heteypeter@gmail.com

Phone: +36709409429

My classes:

My sessions are based on the kettlebell’s! As it can be an effective but just as destructive tool, attending the class is a very important rule. If you know all the basic practices, I look forward to seeing you!

My Classes