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Anna Komáromi
Group Instructor

Anna Komáromi

"A tested szinte bármit kibír. Az elméd az, amit meg kell győznöd."


“Your body can handle almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to conquer.”

Two words that best describe your work and you:

Kindness, Spirited

What do your clients get from your session?

I show a good atmosphere, varied music, classes that appeal to all ages, easier and harder versions of each exercise.

Can you share some thoughts about your professional work and tell us how you hold your sessions?

There are 3 main parts to my training: warm-up, main part, stretching. In the main part there are also cardio and strengthening blocks, the ratio depends on the current clientele. We start with standing exercises, at the end of the class we go down to the ground. I usually use a variety of tools in the shaping class, naturally this tool takes the main role in the Gymstick class.

Can you tell a few words about your coaching mentality?

I strive for injury prevention, we start training with a thorough warm-up, and I hold thorough stretching at the end. I consider this essential, whether it is personal training or a group class.

Can you share 3-4 of your hobbies when you are not in the gym:

Running (this is my first love of sports), reading, listening to music, hiking.

Qualifications / Sports results:

2018: fitness-wellness instructor, personal trainer

2019: Gymstick muscle trainer, Gymstick personal trainer

2020: functional trainer, fitness trainer

2021: Static-Dynamic Gymstick trainer, lifestyle and nutrition consultant

Podium positions of local running races

My classes:

Gymstick, Body shaping

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